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Since 2009, Green Canopy’s team has centered their practice around the thoughtful choices behind building healthy and beautiful homes, that makes a positive impact on the environment, and the people in our City. They are the only for-profit homebuilder (that we are aware of) in America that was intentionally and deliberately started to combat and lessen the negative impacts of climate change and resource scarcity via in-city homebuilding. Their business philosophy and corporate culture has emerged from collective values, values that are defined, and re-defined, each year by their employees—not just their marketing staff. We are proud to work with them and be part of their mission.

Dustin is the very best at negotiation. He is practical, fair, and talks in the best interest of his clients. Ian brings in value with his years of experience in appraisal and provides great evaluations on properties. Together they are the best agent team I’ve seen in the industry and we love working with them.

» seattle's #1 buying and selling real estate agents

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